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Top Ten Female Adult stars of 2014

It's the end of the year for 2014 and we here at Go Freak Media chose only the very best of the best to be part of our top ten list when it comes to the very sexy and very beautiful females in the adult industry. You don't have to take my word for it, but these girls are popping eye candy! The doors of the adult industry always has and always will have new talent coming in to fantasize about. While new recent studies have shown that watching porn reduces the gray matter of your brain, we have also learned that staring at breast for 10 minutes can prolong your life by 5 years. All of this has been discovered this year! So what do you do? Stop watch porn and only stare at boobs?! Talk about a lose win situation. We don't care here at Go Freak Media and we do care about your health, but back to what really matters and that is the pleasure for your eyes to see. But wait, here the links to both of those, but before you go and click on those links tell us what you think of our top 10.

Coming in at number #10 and trust me there are alot of girls I want to put on here, but they have to have the it factor and then some! Leilani Leanne is one of the hottest girls out there and yes we want her to sit on your lap!

#9 is Jayden Lee! OMG this girl is SEXY! She puts the Soft in sexy, the Explode in sexy, the wish she was my X in sexy the Yummy in sexy! We love you Jayden Lee!

At number #8 Capri Cavanni. In 2012 she was at our #1 and still is, but if she was on that scale of hotness of 1 thru 10 she would be an 11!

#7 is Morgan Lee! She is new to the scene and loves MMA and Boxing. Oh and she can cook! She also has star tattoos on her hips. We want more Morgan and we know you do too!

Lilly Evans is #6 and you wouldn't know it, but she is up for best solo at the AVN awards 2014. She is also an import model and part Filipino! She is so gorgeous she gets 2 picture's and one of them she is part scruffy looking, but we don't just like it we love it a lot! she can wear that any time for us!

Coming in at #5 is Isis Love. What isn't there to love about this hot woman, I mean, she got it all in all the right places. Can you believe she has been in the adult since 2002 and she looks even more hot now than she did back then.

#4 is Jolene Hexx. Red hot and well known in the fetish world. she is a committed enthusiast of the arts and modeling is her contribution to that passion. For those who have foot festish look her up. Her website is soon to come.

At #3 is Alina Li. Started fresh in the adult industry last year 2013. Born on September 8, 1994 in Shanghai, China. She has a gun on her hip point downward toward the middle ready for a bang! She is at our number 3 for good reason! Check her out in action.

#2 is Anissa Kate!! This delicious piece of cake.... Wait.... If she was a cake we love her like a fat kid loves it. Born the year 1987 in France and of French/Arab descent. She started in the adult industry the 2011 and is the dream of many men and girls alike.

Here is #1 Janice Griffin. New to the scene started barely a few months age super flawless and straight up gets to the top of our list! What really sucks is we can't take her to the club yet because she is only 18!!! She was born in 1995 and damn some of us were still in middle school! Except for Captain Crunch he's old! Should we feel bad that she is so young? She tells us no and to watch her and we will keep watching her in the future!

She has tattoo writing under left breast ("Fight off your demons"); flower on left side by hip; anchor on right side; Pokémon on left ankle; Deathly Hallows symbol on right thumb; crescent moon on right pinky finger; star behind left ear.

Well that does it for this year and next year maybe your favorite Female adult star will be part of GFM's top ten. Hope you enjoyed.

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