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Top Ten Female Adult Stars

Here we go again it's that time of the year!!! Who is your favorite female adult star? Many new comers and some just plain retire. Our picks are not just ones that are active but those that tickle our fancy the best way they know how with there assets in the adult industry. As a good friend said if it wasn't for porn he might of done something that he would have regretted. So lets look at who we saw was eye candy for our taste buds. Let us know if you agree or if you think someone else should be on the list.

#10 Starting from the top and headed down and the top is still good! Dana Vespoli!!! She has been in the industry since 2003. Dana is also a director and one of the hottest Asian adult stars ever to hit the scene. We love what you do for us yesterday,today and in the future Dana Vespoli!!

Sandie Santana is at #9 of Gofreakmedia's top ten adult star list for 2015. The curves on this sister will have you asking for seconds at the dinner table. Lick your lips to all that goodness!!

Lebanese American, Mia Khalifa is at #8 for gofreakmedia's top ten female adult stars. Mia Khalifa is 2014 new to the adult Industry. Born the year 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon, makes her about 22 in age. Don't get it twisted she knows what she is doing. She even started her own company for the adult industry. You go you little morsel you. We want to see as much as we can from you.

August Ames is at #7 and to heaven all the time!!! Talk about a girl who can make you do the O face all the time and that is a capital O!! Not just any Oh! August Ames has it and I mean it factor in all the right places. She just grows on you.

Trinity St. Clair comes in at #6! I always wanted to put Trinity St. Clair on the top ten female adult star list and just haven't really felt like it till now because I like to save the best as much as I can for last. At long last she is here on our list. Trinity St. Clair may be petite but you know what they say good things come in small packages and if she came in a package who wouldn't want to unwrap it every day.

At #5 on our top ten female adult star and at the half way mark is an unknown and a possible talent show up at the AVN expo for 2016 is Aika! She has a fan base hard core in Japan and everyone knows we have a weakness when it comes to our Asian women. We hope to see more of you Aika! Hopefully in the states side of the industry.

Oh it gets so hard to choose from who should be on the top ten when we make this yearly list!#4 is Layla Sin!!! She is also Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2015 and Penthouse Pet of AUGUST 2014! How you make me want to Sin when I see you in action!

Destiny Dixon is at #3! You know how certain girls have that girl next door look? That friend that has the older sister? The one that you can't have because it's just not right? That is Destiny Dixon in a nut shell for some of us here at GoFreakmedia. She was professional motorcycle stunt rider since age twenty-one. Destiny Dixon started in the adult industry in 2012. She also does web design. This girl is awesome.

Coming in at #2 is Sharon Lee! Sharon is 5'6 and weighs around 114 pounds. She was born the year 1988 in France. It is said that she might be the sister of Jayden Lee. We will find out here soon to come. We Hope to see her this year at AVN and get a little more insight on who she is. You know how these asian girls are they are like ninja's! We love that about you Sharon Lee.

#1 and we saved the best for last as usual and it is Tori Black!!! What is not to love about Tori Black!!! She has it all and can do it all for you!! Well I wouldn't ask her to wash my dishes or clothes but only if she wanted to...Naked!! Tori Black is the first person in history to win back to back female performer of the year awards 2010 and 2011. We have met her a few times and she remembers us every time.

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