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The Force Trainer II

The new Force Trainer II! When I first came to the Uncle Milton's booth at CES in the Sands convention center inside of the Palazzo, Venezia hotel, it had a Star Wars display and for sure it caught my attention. Behold a new Force Trainer and I got to say I'm throughly impressed because I was one of the lucky few to test drive the Force Trainer 2. Talk about taking things to another level. The Force Trainer 2 is the begining of the future and possibly a door way to awaken the force for real with in us. We can only wish. We can't wait for it to come out and more of for the line of Uncle Milton's Star Wars Science brand.

Here is part of the press release along an estimated price with some pictures I took.

With The Force Trainer II, you are the Jedi. Imagine that you could raise an X-wing from the Dagobah swamp just like Luke Skywalker, battle Darth Vader, or build your own lightsaber with just the power of your mind! These magical scenes are re-created through hologram images and a wireless headset with real brainwave sensors that read and interpret your levels of concentration. The more you focus, the more successful you are in moving and controlling the hologram image and successfully completing the Jedi challenge. The hologram images and Jedi challenges come through a companion app included with the purchase of the product and powered by the user’s tablet device which projects these holograms into the unique Jedi themed training base.

There are 10 different Jedi training levels through which fans can advance from Padawan to Jedi Knight to Jedi Master, with instruction and guidance from Jedi Master Yoda. Additional Jedi challenges will also be available for download on updated versions of the app as new Star Wars movies are released.

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