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Review for Photofast & ICup

John Draper "Captain Crunch" did a video review with me on the PhotoFast unit that transfers information from platform to platform. Here is where you can get yours

We also did a review for the very cool Icups. This is what the Crunch man said.

Probably the most innovative product is the iCup "I see you pee". A point to point communication device totally un-tappable by the NSA. It offers total privacy between the parties. It doesn't have any batteries that needs to be charged, and requires no connectivity to Internet or the power mains. The ultimate communication tool for those DoomsDay Preppers. It is totally immune to nasty EMP pulses, or SMEs (Solar mass ejections) of harmful radiation... No faraday shield required. This comes highly recommended. And it's very cheap in cost. A "Must have" for the gadget freak.

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