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John Romita Jr World Record

John Romita Jr in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock Cafe did a grueling 50 hours of signing comic books and doing over 400 sketches to break his genesis book of world records for longest autograph signings. His old record was 472 drawing and 10,000 signatures. this time around he did 10,000 and 2 as they joked during the press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe. the important thing that John wanted to point out was that this event was for Heroes for Jordan. It is a non profit organization made for children with cancer. It's about the experience that families have to go through when one of there loved ones is fight the horrible disease because everyone is affected by it.

He also let me in on what his next project is jokingly giving me a hard time about it as it being a big secret which was Captain America.

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