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Star Wars XXX a porn Parody

Updated: Jan 15

Star Wars is going were Star Wars hasn't gone before!! In the realm of pornagraphy! Vivid Entertainment has made the most expensive porn parody with director Axel Braun. So first thoughts were did they do this right or ruin what freak sex thoughts run through every fan boys dome when it comes to Star Wars sexy time. It would seem this is about episode 4 A New Hope parody cause it doesn't show any sign what so ever of Yoda and most of all slave Leia. Don't get it wrong cause I'm not saying I want to see Leia and Yoda action that would just be weird. From what else we can see from picture releases, Chewy lay's down some hardcore fur on some female stormtroopers! Punch it Chewy!!! Lexington Steele plays Darth Vader which is kind of ironic becuase in the real story Vader voice is James Earl Jones. Not being racist what so ever but at least Vader is finally black.

The first time I saw this Idea was in the movie Zac and Miri Make a porno directed by Kevin Smith. That story didn't happen in the movie the way we hoped. We did get to see someone get frosted like a cake though.

Check out the Safe for work video below

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