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Google Fiber

Google has finally done it for the user!!! If you always hated how long it took for you to download any type of data weather it was music,movies,apps, or what have you, Google has taken a bold step and make this world a better place! Or is it? It is called "Google Fiber"! Google is making themselves a service provider with the ability to have an internet speed up to 1000 MB per second. GFM loves when content doesn't have to buffer over the internet. Not only is this service just for internet which will run at $70 per month for a gigabit upload and download speed but TV as well. So here are the specs so far- Up to one gigabit upload & download speed • Full channel TV lineup • 2 year contract • No data caps Nexus 7 tablet • TV Box • Storage Box • Network Box • 1TB Google Drive • $120/mo + taxes and fees The storage box that acts like a TEVO can record up to 8 channels at the same time and has 2TB of storage. That is better than Century Link because Century Link can only do 4 channels and way less storage. So far this is the best service when it comes to internet speed hands down but it also has some downers. The first thing is that it's not in every city in the Untied States so far but you can request it to be there in your city and get your neighbors help make it happen. So far the channel line up is lacking but they say it is constantly changing and google can make things happen. The last but not least it is Google and google is the king of information. So having google in your home at all times can be good or if your paranoid a bad thing for having big brother knowing what your doing at all times. Check out the link for more information

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