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Celeste Rose Exclusive

Her name is Celeste Rose

She is a 23 year old vampire huntress with her scion being that of Van Helsing. She wields some powerful stakes made by Van Helsing that were made from a Master Vampires coffin. Though when she uses them they give her powers but it is a two edged sword because they also poison her with effects so far known as to weaken her. Gofreakmedia got an exclusive interview with the live model before her release to a 1 foot tall statue of the character April 13-14.

Celeste Rose who is already a model and feature dancer at some of the best industry night clubs in the United States. You can see more of her on our hot sexy cosplay. With our little interview we got to find out that Celeste Rose is a big nerd. She prefers Star Wars over Star Trek for the reason that Star Wars can make fun of it's self. It's Marvel over DC and Captain America is her favorite hero. You can be sure to see her in LA during Adult Con. She will also be seen more here on GFM for sure.

Pictures By Martin

Story by John Dacpano AKA Jon Jon The Phenomenon

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