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"Star Trek: Into Darkness" The official first trailer!
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"Star Trek: Into Darkness" The official first trailer!

Posted  Dec. 6, 2012  by  WillieRandell

The first official trailer for J.J. Abrams' squeal to Star Trek, "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is finally out. Fans have been teased for awhile now, hoping for info on the film. First J.J. made an appearance on Conan where he showed only 3 frames of footage. Watch it here. Then Zachary Quinto, Spock himself, showed up on Conan to show more footage. Turns out it wasn't quite what fans were hoping for, but still entertaining none the less. Watch it here. Even the first movie poster was released a few days ago, raising more questions from fans with the amount of destruction and the character shown on it.

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