Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee has passed away today and like many of you, the GoFreakMedia staff is taking the loss pretty hard. We grew up fascinated by the characters he created and as adults still keep that childhood fascination alive whenever we enjoy the comics, collectibles, or watch the latest movie or TV series featuring Stan’s creations.

Stan took us on journeys into fantastic realms with stories of heroes whose worldwide popularity puts even the Greek myths to shame. While creating these super-powered beings with abilities we could only dream of, Stan brilliantly crafted them all on a very human foundation. Like us, his characters had relatable struggles they had to deal with and overcome. Like us, they were flawed and imperfect. Like the people we want to be, they fought through their problems to make the world a better place.

The reason these characters have become so loved is because Stan’s humanity was part of them. Countless people will attest to the kindness and genuine loving nature of Stan’s spirit. There was something magical about being in the same room with him or even watching his cameos in movies. Stan was “The Man”, because he cared about all of us and knew how to make us care about more than just ourselves.

The world is a far better place because of Stan Lee. I have no doubt millions of us have been much more selfless than we would be if his creations had never sparked that fire for heroism in our hearts. And while it pains us deeply to know he is no longer physically with us, we take great comfort in knowing the inspiration he left for us will be around for generations to come. We can all make the world a better place. We can all inspire each other like Stan has inspired us. WE CAN ALL BE HEROES.


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