Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer and review thus far. As it is a redux but this time touching base on charactors not yet having their big sceen debut such as Rino played by Paul Giamatti and Electro played by Jamie Fox. So far the look of things seems to be action packed but what about the feel of the charactors such as the two mentioned above. Rino seems to be a robot rino if so no justice done for him and Electro seems to be an up to date with out the yellow lighting bolt mask and green spandix. That can maybe get a pass and will Jamie Fox pull it off. The saying goes don't judge a book by it's cover but only until the movie is comes out will we know for sure.  It's been out for awhile but just in case you didn't know you can win some prizes!!! So for your enjoyment here is the trailer and don't forget to watch it to the end like all the Marvel movies out there only this is a trailer. 


Review by John Dacpano Jr

AKA Damninja & jonjonthenphenomenon

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