The web series “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME” is now completely online for your viewing pleasure. The prequel to the critically acclaimed SyFy Channel series “Battlestar Galactica”, “Blood & Chrome” follows the life of a young William Adama during the events of the first cylon war.

I was worried when I first heard about this series. It was said that because of a limited budget the show was green screen heavy, relying on lots of background images from the previous Battlestar series.  I figured there would be lots of unnatural looking scenes of characters looking displaced from their surroundings. I have to say after finally watching it that I was worried for nothing. The scenes are amazing and rival that of a series with a huge budget. Kudos to the special effects department of this show! While I was reminded of the Star Trek reboot with some of the lighting effects and lens flare in some scenes, it was much better than noticing an obvious green screen shot.

In addition to this show looking spectacular, the most important aspects, the story and characters are great as well. Will Adama is just as bad ass in this series as he was in the previous one, and the surprises and intrigue we’ve come to love and expect from anything with the Battlestar name attached to it are still as strong as ever.

The SyFy Channel will be airing this series as a TV movie in February, and hopefully its ratings will be strong enough for them to reconsider not picking it up as a regular series. Fingers crossed they order more “fraking” episodes.

But why wait for February; you can watch the whole series here right now. Check it out and enjoy:

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